Urs Fair

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Urs Fair Urs Fair
Urs Fair

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Urs Fair

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Urs Fair Ajmer

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Urs Fair Ajmer

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Urs Fair
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Urs Fair, Ajmer

Ajmer is one of the most important pilgrim centers of the Muslims. Devotees from across the country thronged the place during the Urs fair. It is one of the most-awaited fairs in the state, which is held in the Dargah of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti. This fair is celebrated in his loving memory during the first six days of Rajab, the seventh day of the Islamic Calendar.

The pilgrims from far-flung places travel to Ajmer to visit the Ajmer Sharif and seek the blessings of the Sufi Saint. If you are also planning a tour to Ajmer during Urs fair then it is recommended to all the bookings in advance to avoid any discomfort during the tour. The celebrations of this fair commemorate with the hoisting of the white flag.

This Ajmer Urs Fair draws a large number of tourists from across the world every year. Pilgrims bring ‘nazrana’ or offerings, such as chadars, rose and jasmine flowers, sandalwood paste and incense. Also see traditional crafts and visit the cultural sites to satiate your urge for culture. If you are in Ajmer during Urs fair, don’t miss out of an opportunity to witness a musical extravaganza at night. Renowned singers took part in the Mehfil or Quwwali. Let these professional singers enthrall you completely with their singing talent.

Watch a brilliant display of fireworks that signals the finale of Urs Ajmer Fair. The fair lasts for six days. While enjoying the cultural events and performing the religious rituals, tourists can also visit the various interesting sights located in this sacred town such as Ajmer Sharif, Taragarh Fort, Adhai Di-ka-Jhonpra and many more. During Ajmer Urs Fair, treat yourself to native foods and desserts.

Ajmer Urs Fair Ajmer Urs Fair

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Urs Fair
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