Pushkar Fair

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Pushkar Fair Pushkar Fair
Pushkar Fair

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Pushkar Fair

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Pushkar Fair Rajasthan

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Pushkar Fair Pushkar

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Pushkar Fair
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Pushkar Fair, Pushkar

If you are planning a tour to Pushkar Rajasthan during the famous Pushkar Camel Fair then it is recommended to book hotel rooms in advance. During Pushkar Camel Fair, thousands of people from far-flung places come to the town. This colorful Rajasthani fair is held in the month of October-November for five days.

The Pushkar Fair paints the town with vivid colors. During the fair, see turbaned heads of men, women dressed up in colorful clothes. Devotees come to the Brahma Temple to seek the blessing of the God. See people taking holy bath in the sacred Pushkar Lake. Besides religious rituals, people take part in various sporting events and cultural activities. The major highlight of the fair is the trading of camels. Here you will see camels are sold, bought, adorned and paraded. Witness a huge procession of caparisoned camels.

A number of activities and events of the Pushkar Fair will capture your heart and soul. Other popular activities or events between tourists are camel and horse races. The Pushkar Fair invites you to have a glimpse into the cultural heritage of the region. Right from folk dances to handicrafts on display, the fair allows travelers to drench themselves in the cultural extravaganza and joyous festivities. During the fair, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation maintains the tourist village to provide accommodation to the visitors.

The sleepy town of Pushkar comes to life with all the celebrations of the cattle fair. One of the five dhams pr pilgrim sites of the Hindus, Pushkar is an important destination in Rajasthan. The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by about several beautiful temples. While enjoying the colorful Pushkar camel fair, donít forget to visit the Brahma Temple and Savitri Temple.

Pushkar Fair Pushkar Pushkar Fair Pushkar

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Pushkar Fair
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