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Hoolock Gibbon
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The Hoolock Gibbon is a tree dwelling ape found in North Eastern India. It is the only ape found in the Indian subcontinent. It is characterized by its white brows because of which it is also called the "White Browed Gibbon." It displays amazing agility in swinging through the trees of the evergreen forests where it lives and makes loud calls, which can be heard through the forest.

Hoolock Gibbon, Endangered Hoolock Gibbon India

Zoological name: Bunopithecus hoolock

Range: Hoolock Gibbons are found in several states of North East India - Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland. The Hoolock Gibbon's range extends across Bangladesh, Myanmar and parts of South China. It is found in areas within an altitude of 1500 to 4000 m.

Estimated population. It is estimated that there are about 170,000 Hoolock Gibbons worldwide in the wild, though accurate numbers are not known.

Physical characteristics: Hoolock Gibbons have all the characteristics of apes, including being tailless and having opposable thumbs on the palms of their hands. Male Hoolock Gibbons have a black coat with clearly visible white eyebrows. Female Hoolock Gibbons are light grayish brown or light brown in color. Infant Hoolock Gibbons are born with white fur, which becomes darker with age. Hoolock Gibbons are 60-90 cm long and weigh up to 7 Kg. The arms of Hoolock Gibbons are longer than their legs and Hoolocks use their arms to swing through the trees in a rapid movement called "brachiation." On the ground Hoolock Gibbons walk in an upright position on their legs.

Habitat: Hoolock Gibbons are found in varied habitats. These include tropical evergreen forest, semi and sub tropical forests and mountain forests. They are largely tree dwelling and come to the ground to forage. Hoolock Gibbons sleep and rest on the branches or hollows of trees. Diet: Hoolock Gibbons primarily eat seasonal fruit and leaves. They also eat insects, flowers, buds shoots and other parts of plants. Hoolocks get all their moisture from their food. Behavior: Hoolock Gibbons are territorial animals and live in small family groups who defend their territory by loud calls and threatened or actual attacks. Hoolock Gibbons are monogamos and family groups usually consist of an adult pair and their young offsping. Hoolock Gibbons spend most of the day foraging for food, moving across the trees in their territory. At night they retire to a favorite tree to sleep and sleep sitting in an upright position. Members of a family group groom each other, like all apes do. Hoolock Gibbons are known for their calls or songs, which may be used to attract mates, establish territory and bind a family group together.

Status: Hoolock Gibbons are threatened by habitat loss. Their forest habitats are severely fragmented in North East India. Hunting, slash and burn cultivation and timber felling are all threats to the Hoolock Gibbon. They are also caught as pets and their parts used in Oriental medicine.

Tourists can see Hoolock Gibbons in the Kaziranga and Manas wildlife sanctuaries and the Borajan reserve forest in Assam and in the Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh on India Wildlife Tours.

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